Blockend Pellet Feeder

Blockend Pellet Feeder
Brand: Nisa Feeders
Product Code: code AH1-AH8
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Price: £2.55

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These feeders allow quick and easy filling with pellets.
Then a hookbait, can be positioned within the recessed lip of the feeder, exactly where a fish would be drawn to, as the pellets start to disperse from the feeder.

There are 2 versions:-
A version that incorporates our unique 'SHOCK LINK'
and a straight forward inline feeder.

Available in 2 sizes with 2 weights.

We've had a few people ask about attaching the 'SHOCK LINK' version please refer to the Rig Diagram on the NISA site here remembering to remove the 'SHOCK LINK' before threading the line through the feeder and then attaching to one end of the 'SHOCK LINK' and your hook length to the other end before pulling it back into feeder.

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