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Bankside tales and reflections from Nick Larkin and seven other contributors, each sharing their ..
ConnectAdjust (Pack of 2)
SMALL: 2 - 12 Elastics (2 per pack) LARGE: 14 - Hollow Elastics (2 per pack) Info: No m..
Info: These spare wires are avaiable in packs of 3 and can be added to NISA's existing swim fee..
Hook'em Hairs
Each pack contains: 4 x 10mm, 4 x 15mm & 6 x 20mm Info: An easy way to present a 'H..
Paste Hairs
Pack of 5. Info: The problem with soft paste is keeping it on the hook! Now you can s..
Pack of 4 leads. Info: These leads are useful to fine tune the weight of your feeders to..
Dacron Connectors
Pack of 3. Info: A simple and neat way to connect rigs to your pole elastic. Availab..
Bitemaster Indicator
Bitemaster Indicator These not only register a bite but also prevent fish from feeling a stif..
Sliding Top Stops
Info: Tiny silicone Beads that grip the line tightly enough to stop your feeder running up, b..
Micro Swivels
Pack of 10. Info: These tiny swivels are useful to help avoid the annoyance of line twist..
American Snap Swivel
Pack of 5. Info: Always handy to have in order to clip leads, feeders or even floats onto..
No.8 Swivels
Pack of 10. Info: Strong diamond eye rolling swivels. Handy for incorporating into rigs o..
Bungee Shock Absorbers
Info: These provide vital 'stretch' in your rig, especiallly when using low stretch lines or ..
Soft Skimmer Links
Pack of 3. Info: A twisted stretchy link incorporating a swivel. These are useful when fi..
Feeder Ring Links
Pack of 4. Info: A tough but flexible Nitrile ring incorporating a American Snap Swivel. ..
Braid Links
Pack of 3. Info: This tough non-stretch link incorporating a swivel. Can be run freely on..
Tail Rubbers
Pack of 5. Info: These conical rubber tubes can be used to cover tube ends, swivels, link..
Info: These are heavy lead plumments with a full foam bottom. They also feature a soft eyelet..
Target 7 Bite Indicator
Info: An alternative to the usual 'board', these are much more discrete but just as effective..
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